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History of Demons | Ars Goetia Pt 1

April 5th, 2021

The Ars Goetia is a fascinating piece of work that features a wealth of information within it, including a list of demons and their abilities. Today, and for the next little while we will be going over the demons listed, their hierarchy, and various traits, and where better to start than with the mighty kings of Hell. 

In this list, we have a number of big boy demons, and some you may not have heard of from. From Paimon to Ball, to Purson, we have them all. Now, of course the list goes just beyond the kings of Hell, and in future episodes we will look at the other ranks, such as princes and dukes. If there's one thing I've learned doing this series over the years it's that it is very important to know the name of the demons around us, for it's their name that gives you power over them, should you ever come face-to-face with them. I mean, it's probably best to know what you're getting into as well. You know, things such as what these demons offer, what they look like, how badly you've messed up, and so on.

Throughout this series you'll get a very brief breakdown of each of these demons, and the powers they hold. It should make for an interesting listen. I hope. Maybe not... but maybe!

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