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Seven Deadly Sins: Let’s talk about Lust, baby.

May 15th, 2021

Oh boy, here's a fun one that's bound to upset a couple religious folk out there. Starting right now I'll be looking at the seven deadly sins, and what they mean to culture, religion, and the demons associated with them. I thought I'd start off with the super fun, lust. Now, lust doesn't necessarily mean sex, though it is often associated most with the want and desire of sexual gratification. The demon associated with said sin is Asmodeus, who we looked at in the past.

In terms of lust, I explore what it means to Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Paganism. While they mostly agree on what it entails, some religions (looking at you Catholicism) take it much more seriously. One person in particular wrote extensively about lust, and that fellow happened to be Saint Thomas Aquinas. He broke down different aspects of the sin into categories, and it turns out not all forms of lust are all that sinful, he used logic! I know, surprising. Well, he used it for one thing, and that was nocturnal emissions, and I can only assume he said that's not a sin because he had experienced it himself. Just a hunch.

Beyond that, lust is generally considered the least serious or grievous of the deadly sins for it is a sin of the flesh, and not the spirit, which are the most deadly of all sins.

If you're feeling rather lustful yourself for more information, you'll just have to listen to the whole episode. I know, I'm terrible.

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